Friday, July 15, 2011

Letters to an absent father.

These stories left me sad and worried that there are too many that might feel this way. It about absentee fathers from a Pokemon perspective. Very good for a bit of sadness in your life. Live humbly. I love my parents and thank god that they stuck around.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've really started to love reading fantasy, and I feel that it give's me a frame of reference outside of our own world.

For a while now I've been reading the Lord of the Rings, and with that comic books from DC and Marvel and The Amory wars from Dark horse.

The Lord of the Rings was introduced to me by the movie, which I fell in love with. It give's me hope when reading this but I wont complain about my current woes, although they will never leave me.

Now for comics I've fell into the world of Flashpoint, and I really think its creative and have also loved the new spin on Batman. Can't wait for the DC reboot!

In Marvel's corner there are two good story  lines at the moment that I really enjoy, Fear Itself, and yesterdays release of Xmen: Scism #1 which has so far been as good as people have hyped it to be. I like the character development and the way current world events are meshed into the Xmen universe.

I also picked up Fear Itself: Ghost Rider, and I gotta say I love the story of Sin fighting the Ghost Rider(not gonna spoil the rest).

Sorry again for the lack of posting, but all this reading and compounded by the amount of work I have to get done means that I'll be slower to post, for now.

On a side note, I've bought a bowling ball and shoes, and hope to get good at that! wish me luck!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy weekends, make for the best weekends! Part 2 Sunday!

This post is shorter but was in fact very fun, and I might say one of the best times I've had with family in a while.

We went to Indiana with our other close relatives and went to a beach called Kemil Beach. It was amazing and it was fun. I went into the water for about 30 minutes and enjoyed that enough for this old body, and yeah I'm only 23 but I'm an old soul lol.(more like lazy... ahaha)

Then I got out of the water for some nice barbacue and conversations but ultimately to enjoy the outdoors.

Interesting side story: I had to find parking and the closest was about a mile away so I parked and started walking when suddenly my dad appeared, also looking for parking. Now I had walked for about half a mile and was jamming to my cellphone's mp3 player and was enjoying my self, but I'm glad I got picked up, because who knows what could have happened lol. It was nothing but forest and a single road with no people in sight. Crazy now that I think about it...

So anyway back to the main story: So as I'm sitting there talking to my uncles as they smoked hookah, (cause were arabic and this is some high class stuff.) which was mostly apple tobacco I think, and we talked about the usual stuff and I realized how much I had been away from my relatives and it was kind of disappointing that I didn't know my aunt went back over sea's, but at least she'll be back since its just a visit.

The highlight was when there was a double's tournament of Badminton. Which is like tennis but with a smaller target and rackets. It went on for one hour and everyone enjoyed themselves, and it was a great way to end the day!

All in all I loved this weekend and I know I'm gonna be sore as hell at work tomorrow.

And as a last note, since I'm going to sleep here is some funny underwear that the Japanese have designed, and it might not be a bad idea but might need to be made much larger for us non-Asian user's. It takes the best of both worlds: Free-balling, and support of one's junk. LOL enjoy.

Busy weekends, make for the best weekends! Part 1 Saturday!

Wow, yesterday I went bowling, with my own ball and shoes, thanks to Andy's Proshop, which was nice enough to talk to us about bowling, and teach me and a friend a couple things. Spent about $135 for a ball, shoes, and bag. Played four games and was utterly terrible... lol i'll get better once my thumb callus hardens lol.

Also ate at my favorite IHOP, couldn't help it needed some breakfast in the afternoon! Steak Omelet with some pancakes and hash browns, plus turkey bacon...

Oh then we went to a comic book shop, and to my surprise there was a copy of the Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Volume:2(long name sorry). I was so excited to find the Trade paper back and then I asked my friend to hold it for me, which for some reason I forgot to take back at the end of the night. Foiled again..

And the that Saturday night we went to see Horrible bosses. Which was so much funnier than you would expect, and I was thoroughly pleased with the ending! Please watch this movie!!

Then we drove to Downtown Chicago from Orland Park, just for some night cruising.

More about the weekend in part 2

Hilarious Chinese super hero Action figures

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