Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Makes the Thunderbolt Cable Lightning Fast « iFixit Blog

What Makes the Thunderbolt Cable Lightning Fast « iFixit Blog

Respect, i can pay $50 for actual innovation, although my budget has not gotten to the point where I'm using apple laptops, I'm sure one day when its both affordable and a worthy tool I'll spend some money on a Macbook Pro or something similar.

Although, having an iPad has made me start to see why apple is a great company, and might even get an iphone next update(although i love my Android G2).

Still back to the topic of this cable, it has Micro chips to make the wire speeds go 10gb/s. Freaking micro chips in wires, I love the future.(the now?)

Why batman hates sherlock holmes.

Just had to share this!!

YouTube - ‪Citizen's Arrest Hero‬‏

YouTube - ‪Citizen's Arrest Hero

Just so you know the world doesn't have to be so doom and gloom, and I realize my last post was just that, but here is a HERO clip. This tow truck driver saved the day from a who be child abductor.

Report: Turkey tells West it might launch offensive against Syria

Report: Turkey tells West it might launch offensive against Syria

When they said that world war 3 would result from these protests, i laughed, but as we get closer to the final battle I fear my hubris got the best of me.

It's sad that we can see such things forming, like clouds from afar. Its going to be a lot of pain and suffering, and many will lose their lives.

Maybe we could stop it if we could rise against the powers that be, but that would take protests that could actually change things in America peacefully.

or maybe we just watch the world burn, maybe we were just being conditioned, with all the talk of 2012, and people claiming the end of days, and even the number of fronts that are at war currently.

The only reason why its not a world war is because no one looks at South America or Africa as part of the world, they ignore that these places are often war-torn. Either from drugs, diamonds or poppy the world is constantly at war, and now we see tensions rising like we never did before.

The whole middle east, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia(yes china and japan, North and South Korea), and South America are either on the brink of war, or currently engaged in it.

Consider this, if we have war on all continents(excluding the obviously uninhabited) then aren't we in a world war? or are we waiting for the final collapse, when the east says, we will not except dollars backed by nothing, and will only take Currency backed by metals, such as gold and silver.

With great information comes great responsibility, and its up to us to brain storm and think, and figure out what we can do, if we can do anything. You don't have to be a super hero, just someone willing to take a good hour a day to figure life's questions.

We need to consider one last thing, what do all humans have in common, what is our goal ultimately.

Israel passes draft law requiring Palestinians to pay for their own home demolitions - International Middle East Media Center

Israel passes draft law requiring Palestinians to pay for their own home demolitions - International Middle East Media Center

Are you kidding me, genocide wasn't enough for them, now they want Palestinians to pay for demolitions... they are truly insane.

How I feel daily lol

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Dollar.

All empires are built on blood, and this one more than others. Ever since we went off the gold standard we have been taxed for every dollar printed. What does that mean? It means that every dollar they print is worth less than the one they printed before.

Jefferson fought the banks, and so many good presidents did as well such as Lincoln, and JFK. But the banks got their way through woodrow wilson, and later through nixon.


A nice little cheat sheet, I love things like this, because if you know enough about writing then things like this a great reminders!

Israel’s Grand Design | The American Mercury

Israel’s Grand Design | The American Mercury

What an interesting article from the past, around the time of the six day war.

Warriors heart.

Love this gif.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Terrorism Explained.

This is hilarious. Really made me think about double standards and how the media influences point's of view.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

AE911Truth Online Store

AE911Truth Online Store

Some reading material!

The book is on preorder, but you can wait until release, im gonna see if i can get it through the library, and buy one of course, but if i get the libraries to have it then more people might see it.

Calvin and Hobbes. Important message.

If we all look at war as an impossibility or something that should not ever happen, no matter what, then we may see world peace.

But as long as their is injustice in the world, and one side seeks to steal, murder, and hurt another side there will always be war.

We need to address grievances to began a healing process, and we must stop looking at the world in terms of dominance, but in terms of UNITY!

We are all human, and we should act like it.

(all that from a cartoon? ahahah)

Link Rage!

Man this is good art! Plus I feel the same way.

The right to fight back!

When people ask about Palestine I have to explain to them that we are dealing with a foreign occupation that completely dominates the media and all western politics. We have not had the political strength to fight back.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Seen this and I had to share, first off its very identifiable, because I see this argument online all the time.

I personally love firefox, but I always get told to switch to chrome, which is not really something I wish to do.

Fried Kool-Aid hits County Fair circuit (Photos) - BlogPost - The Washington Post

Fried Kool-Aid hits County Fair circuit (Photos) - BlogPost - The Washington Post

wow. Its all i can say, part of me wants to try it, and part of me wants to live past 30.

PressTV - Iran reveals motive behind 9/11 attacks

PressTV - Iran reveals motive behind 9/11 attacks

This is a great article, it talks about the Motive for the 9/11 attacks via President of Iran Ahmadinejad's Intel and theories.

I think that he's spot on, that this was all a Zionist plot. There are so many clues as to how 9/11 was an inside job.

First, think about this: There were two planes that collided in Newyork on 9/11 but 3 buildings fells from "Jet Fuel fires", But to believe that you would have to go blind around the time of the impact and ignore the massive fireball where most of the jet fuel burned off on impact.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that two planes cannot bring down three separate buildings, even from the collision.

9/11 was such a sad event, but that doesn't mean we have to just forget it. We need a real investigation.

The Iranian President's theory makes sense because you only have to look at the people who benefited most from 9/11, and it's clearly the Israelis.

Bin Laden repeatedly said he was not responsible for 9/11, but somehow he got all the blame. I think its because people don't question authority and eat the garbage spewed by the media.

Read the article, post a comment, let me know what you think, and I can provide sources for my statements.

Friday, June 24, 2011

RedRobin...WTF?!?!? Bad Waitress

Just a ridiculous night! The waitress at Red Robin's went for the record for most pissed off customers, a lady left screaming about having to wait an hour, which she and her two little boys and their father had to wait, for FREAKING BURGERS....

She forgot to bring our drinks for like half an hour, and then to top it off she messed up my friends order... and then we had to wait for a new one...

Also.. she mixed up the orders and the drinks so me and my friend had too figure out why he was paying for my burger and I'm paying for his chicken sandwhich. She messed up everything. I paid for my meal and left but it took her 20 mins to get our checks, becuase she had forgot the first few times...

I don't know how she could be so bad..other people had problems as well... I don't plan on going back there..and this was only my second time there.

Palestine and the Catostrophe.

The Catostrophe (al Nakba) part1
The Catostrophe (al Nakba) part2

These video's are from alJazeera, and are on YouTube, they are about how Palestine was stolen from my people and given to the European Jews. I did not know how much the British did to hurt my people. They disarmed Palestinians, while simultaneously arming the Zionist Jews. Palestine was a land of Muslims and Christians before the Jews came and decimated us with the help of the British army's.

Just to give you a clue, the british controlled the surrounding arab armies, and they gave the Jew's a complete military and trained them extensively and even gave them an air force. This is why the Jews were able to steal all the land in 1948. Palestinians had 95% of the land before that, and we lost it all.

For those who watch these lengthy documentary's, thank you. If you can't watch it please find out more through reading if you can.



I can't wait for this day to be over, I've been paid, now it's time to have some fun!

Looking at maybe doing second city, or a concert, or some movie lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Work was hilarious today! The boss calls everyone for a meeting, and so the file room which I work in must participate... lol free time!!!

So i pulled a chair and dosed off while they spoke about supervisor stuff... those are people in charge of home care aids... nothing to do with me, basic really.

Later on that same day we get called in to her office(very informal lol) they wanted to tell us what this one lady was saying about us. She said to our superviser that she and her staff smelled, which is the file room... lol

More time wasted and more hilarious drama, because she obviously wasn't targeting us... it was just some random BS but still I found it funny and hilarious that they would waste company time... twice in one day!

But still its a nice place to work, and the informality makes it bearable to work in the so called smelly file room area! 3/10 people didn't care, the rest brought the BS to their desks and continued to fret, saying that they didn't smell and that the person who claimed they smelled was in fact the Odorous one!

Good times!

The vicious circle of stupidity.

We were talking about this the other day, the system is rigged, and we need to fix it. I'm so sick of going round in circle's. Let's not vote for stupid anymore.

A Touch of Jeff: Why don’t Comic Book movies sell Comic Books?

A Touch of Jeff: Why don’t Comic Book movies sell Comic Books?

This is a good blog post. He cover's why comics books don't do as well as movies.

My answer, which agrees with part of his, is that Trade paper backs are the way to go! I love those, and will actually wait for a trade paper back rather than just buy a comic.

Cost is an issue too, a movie is far cheaper than many comic books and cheaper than a Trade paper back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Link is too excited for his new armor lol



"The blockbuster X-Event of the summer continues as Sentinels threaten to wipe out all of Mutantkind! It’s up to Wolverine and Cyclops to band the X-men together and tackle the threat head-on, and with tensions boiling – one of them will go too far. Find out this July the fate of mutantkind remains unclear in X-Men: Schism #2"

Looks nice, wonder how it turns out. Also check that persons blog if your so inclined!

It sounds fun, i might wait for a trade paperback though.

To the people who stole my Les Paul

To the people who stole my Les Paul

Share this if you can, this man was robbed of his prized Guitar, a custom that he played for over 40 years!!!

AJE - Al Jazeera English

AJE - Al Jazeera English

A Real News site.

Its not about Celebs, or about the Weather, its about the Facts.

Just in case some people like to read other media sources I'm sharing this.

Dentist Accomplised.

feels good man, tooth cleaning and they fixed my crown. also the massive pain my tooth and subsequently my face experienced stopped this morning !

Guest Post: New Hampshire Man Lights Himself On Fire To Protest America's Decline | zero hedge

Guest Post: New Hampshire Man Lights Himself On Fire To Protest America's Decline | zero hedge

Is America ready for the Revolution? I wonder. The first Americans had to deal with Torries and British spys, and I think we may have to start protesting sooner than later.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I used to be a Democrat, but now I'm not, and quite frankly i see no point in voting, and ill just wait till others are ready to change this system. I'll help rebuild, but i won't continue to vote in fraudulent elections for basically the same candidate.


lol this is clever.

Military spends more to air condition tents than NASA’s entire budget | Grist

Military spends more to air condition tents than NASA’s entire budget | Grist

We spend more on Air conditioning the military than we do on NASA.... America this is why we cant have nice things.


This is a great video!

A Wise Sage.

Pokemon with Grit.

This is a great picture, and im still trying to figure out who'd win lol

Catpost, this is the internet so i must conform lol

I think two gifs shall suffice lol.

Oldman says F**K the Police!

There's a reason why things like this happen, and its scary to think that many people are unaware of the amount of power we have given to the police over us. I respect the cops for when they are serving justice, but when they step out of bounds I fear that we as a people allow them too.

Now concerning this photo, I'm not sure if he's spraying it on there or not, the place i got it from made it sound like he sprayed that on there, but maybe he's cleaning it off, so innocent until proven guilty.

But I still understand the message that whoever it was that did this was portraying. I hope in the future law enforcement is reformed a bit so that we don't get these war vets who come from battle's and have signs of PTSD and serve as Cops. They need rehab before they patrol the street of America.

Also let it be known that I respect good cops who never lash out on civilians and only do their job without corruption or malice. Those guys need our support!

20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns

20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns

This was a nice find this morning! These adds are clever and rather hilarious! Personally that case of money is something that would require me to scream challenge accepted as use a sledge hammer to get to the cash! lol

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Lantern!

It was amazing I loved it, and I kept saying where is this movie remotely bad?

Maybe a couple of jokes were lame, but that's the nature of jokes!

Ate at fridays, got some boneless wings, and a burger, but got sick halfway through thanks to a combination of pills and fatigue, plus what I think is going to be my next chest cold.

Immune system what do?!!?!???

DC Relaunch: Greg Capullo's Joker & Gordon - League of Comic Geeks

DC Relaunch: Greg Capullo's Joker & Gordon - League of Comic Geeks

Some great art on this, ill post on spoiler :D


Huh I never thought of Batman as a conservative "wet dream" lol

sad but true

This is how i felt this week!

I miss the good old days when staying home was an option...

Aquaman's Secret power

LOL this has to be the weakest super hero ever!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Empty Week.

I cannot describe the relief I feel at this moment, as the medicine shoots through my body I know I will soon be asleep and I hope it a good night.

Toothache of a lifetime and I hope to never have such pain, and work was just miserable, but thank god I work so fast and efficiently that even though I was less than par this week my boss never questioned me.

But at least this made me laugh.

"You are useress to me arec bardwin"

classy guy all the way!!!

cant wait till im off work

man what a tiresome day ive got some things to post after work. thanks to all the followers and commentors. its really fun blogging it up lol.

well see ya tonight.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mischief Brew

Mischief Brew
Love this band. Their music is folk, punk, and amazing!

I wish they were able to tour in Chicago! i'd go often lol

MMO-Champion - Patch 4.2 - PTR Build 14299, Opening Map Animation, Blue Posts, Fan Art

MMO-Champion - Patch 4.2 - PTR Build 14299, Opening Map Animation, Blue Posts, Fan Art

although i quit playing i still check MMO-Champion, i love the lore!!!

Watch the video and you'll see what i mean. But the gameplay is not what it was sadly, so i will still remain and Ex-Wow player.

what a weird day!

I did so much and its such a fast moving day. Work was slow and lazy, and my jaw still hurts from the tooth infection.

Things I've done in this one Thursday:
  1. Tried out a new Chinese restaurant: did not care for it, its called 65 Chinese restaurant, its on 201 Madison, Chicago, Illinois, please avoid it, this is not a recommendation! lol the chicken fried rice was bland and the portions were to small for about ten dollars...
  2. Practiced some guitar songs, including listening to Jonny Lang, as my friend recommended. Tried to play one of his songs, but then i reverted to my punk love lol and found some weezer. Before all this I tried coldplays talk, and System of a Down's Holy Mountains( hard song, but magnificent). I concluded this all by realizing i was too tired to learn anything lol.
  3. Ate some real Chinese food that my sister picked up for me, from my favorite place, and truly the best for portion, flavor and cost!!!! NEW CHINA EXPRESS : its located on southwest highway and Cicero ,Oaklawn, Illinois, across the street from Jedi's Garden, its in a strip mall and a hidden gem!
  4. Lastly i read the comic book Rashad Recommended (aka sherrod, dershaun,rashid, LOL). Its called "DareDevil:LadyBullseye". Definitely a fun read and I'm glad he got me into comic books, its been a long time too since I was interested(4th grade?). Hell reading the Amory Wars has reignited my love of comics, and I bought the V for Vendetta comics.

My plans for the weekend include seeing the Green Lantern  and reading V for Vendetta, and maybe some basketball or bike riding(or both if I'm brave.)

Hope the movie doesn't suck, but look at this: 

I'm worried lol...

Inmate Admits He Shot Tupac, Names Jimmy Henchmen, Diddy - The Boombox

Inmate Admits He Shot Tupac, Names Jimmy Henchmen, Diddy - The Boombox

this is just so sad, but it brings alot of the pieces together that i could never figure out growing up. I was a big tupac fan, as im sure many were, and well now we know what was really happening.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"funny and accurate"

I agree, what a great parallel, the internet is filled with both the wise and the unwise, and such an uncanny reference to boot!

Street fighter facebook

This hilarious, i love the Guido reference, i mean Jersey shore reference lol.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chinese Man Rocks Homemade Iron Man Suit Like it's Take Your Armor to Work Day - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

Chinese Man Rocks Homemade Iron Man Suit Like it's Take Your Armor to Work Day - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

You gotta check this out!

Why Google Earth Can't Show You Israel | Mother Jones

Why Google Earth Can't Show You Israel | Mother Jones

Its because America is run by Zionist's who pass laws to protect their interest, not the US's interest.

Blocking images is a way of hiding whats happening on the ground, the bombings and destruction of Palestinian lands is kept hidden from Americans in order to keep the Zionist hold on this country's freedom.

ICv2 - Top 300 Comics Actual--May 2011

ICv2 - Top 300 Comics Actual--May 2011

This might help people like me who are new to the comic genre, or even those who are pro's and just need a great list.

Its compiled very well!

Might be NSFW, Green Lantern Origin.


Apple starts selling unlocked iPhone 4 for $649 -- Engadget

Apple starts selling unlocked iPhone 4 for $649 -- Engadget

wish tmobile could offer it for contract because im not paying that much lol.

"We hate poor people."

Both sides are of the same coin, but true freedom will come to America one day!

We must look forward to defending freedom, and never become comfortable with tyranny.


ok time for me to sleep, Vicodin is telling me i have no choice... lol

10 Surprising Superheroes Who are Murderers | Fork Party

10 Surprising Superheroes Who are Murderers | Fork Party

nice info check that site out, if your into comics.

to be honest i'm just getting into them thanks to a friend in the know!

So far i love the Amory wars, and I just bought V for Vendetta!

Tardis pints!

US House votes to block funding for Libya - Africa - Al Jazeera English

US House votes to block funding for Libya - Africa - Al Jazeera English

Lets hope this works, we don't need another war.

I wish this nation could become a pacifist nation, we would keep our defense but we would not interfere nor support dictators, murders and occupiers.

But who am i kidding, that would require determination to spread freedom, and not just our currency.

America, lets do better!

America? no this is not the America my little refugee eyes* were taught about. Growing up my heroes were men like JFK, FDR, Lincoln, Jefferson, sometimes Washington, and my Favorite revolutionary THOMAS "MUTHA-FUCKING" PAYNE.

ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE COVERED! Healthcare is not a game or a toy. If we can afford to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, or to buy Trillions of Dollars worth of weapons, then we can take care of our ill, maimed, sick, and weak.

*(although i was born here, Im Palestinian and i hold my right to return to the lands that were stolen.)

Monday, June 13, 2011


I loved video games for the same reason!!

Comic! das gud.



Listening to Animals in Human attire for the first time, and I'm loving them.

Off to a good start today, gonna have a lot of stuff to post over the coming weeks, my perusal of some of my favorite sites and sharing what I feel is good enough to be filtered!



As a Palestinian I love seeing that there is alot of information online about Palestine and the struggle, 10 years ago it was harder to find things and now the communities feel much more connected.

Gotta love the passage of time.

Teddy bear is now a Necessity.

YouTube - Joe Cocker - A Little Help From My Friends - Woodstock 1969

Great song, and a great way to start this blog!


Well this is definitely the start of something new and hopefully entertaining to both you and me.

This is the internet, and therefore I have the privilege, no the right to be loud about everything. Seriously though there will be many things to talk about including adding captions to things I see on reddit, or posting and re-posting things i see on the internet. God bless me if I should have any original content.

Lets do this thing!