Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Lantern!

It was amazing I loved it, and I kept saying where is this movie remotely bad?

Maybe a couple of jokes were lame, but that's the nature of jokes!

Ate at fridays, got some boneless wings, and a burger, but got sick halfway through thanks to a combination of pills and fatigue, plus what I think is going to be my next chest cold.

Immune system what do?!!?!???


  1. Good to hear the movie was entertaining, i hadn't expected much out of it. sorry your feeling under the weather

  2. i liked x-men first class better, but enjoyed green lantern as well.

  3. @Jim - thanks man, yeah I hope meds "cure" me soon...

    @Snoobyy - Agreed. My Point of view lies in a more middle ground than most others, if a movie is good its good, it doesn't need to compete with others for me to like it.

    X-men was well cast, and well done, and i loved it also.

  4. I love Marvel, the main actor is a douche though.

  5. Hey, at least you had some fun before you got sick. I'm hearing from a few people that Green Lantern was pretty good, I think I might go check it out.

    And Miet... Green Lantern is DC Comics.

  6. @miet - Ryan Reynolds is a good green lantern, trust me, he pulls through.

    @AthanasianComplexio - Yup DC, and I did have fun lol, vidicon made it all work out