Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oldman says F**K the Police!

There's a reason why things like this happen, and its scary to think that many people are unaware of the amount of power we have given to the police over us. I respect the cops for when they are serving justice, but when they step out of bounds I fear that we as a people allow them too.

Now concerning this photo, I'm not sure if he's spraying it on there or not, the place i got it from made it sound like he sprayed that on there, but maybe he's cleaning it off, so innocent until proven guilty.

But I still understand the message that whoever it was that did this was portraying. I hope in the future law enforcement is reformed a bit so that we don't get these war vets who come from battle's and have signs of PTSD and serve as Cops. They need rehab before they patrol the street of America.

Also let it be known that I respect good cops who never lash out on civilians and only do their job without corruption or malice. Those guys need our support!

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