Friday, June 24, 2011

RedRobin...WTF?!?!? Bad Waitress

Just a ridiculous night! The waitress at Red Robin's went for the record for most pissed off customers, a lady left screaming about having to wait an hour, which she and her two little boys and their father had to wait, for FREAKING BURGERS....

She forgot to bring our drinks for like half an hour, and then to top it off she messed up my friends order... and then we had to wait for a new one...

Also.. she mixed up the orders and the drinks so me and my friend had too figure out why he was paying for my burger and I'm paying for his chicken sandwhich. She messed up everything. I paid for my meal and left but it took her 20 mins to get our checks, becuase she had forgot the first few times...

I don't know how she could be so bad..other people had problems as well... I don't plan on going back there..and this was only my second time there.


  1. Wow, she couldn't even be a WAITRESS? She needs some serious help or something

  2. It was so crazy, the first time I went there the service was great, but after last night I'd rather skip it from now on.

  3. Their strawberry lemonade is to die for.