Sunday, June 19, 2011


I used to be a Democrat, but now I'm not, and quite frankly i see no point in voting, and ill just wait till others are ready to change this system. I'll help rebuild, but i won't continue to vote in fraudulent elections for basically the same candidate.


  1. Yes, I also believe the whole voting thing is one big fraud!

  2. While voting in America is a crapshoot, it's one of the few things we're left as citizens. Even the illusion of it is better than nothing and while I agree with waiting until our fellow Americans remember that we have the protected right to rebel against our own government, I must point out that all it will do is ensure a new group of rascals to eventually do the same damn thing our current rascals ARE doing.

    Obfuscating the issues with cries of "liberal" or "conservative" in order to make us feel like there ARE more than two parties. The generalized and complacently accepted corruption of our government by Big Business. These must be dealt with by the people, and THAT won't happen so long as we're leading our current lives of complacency and sloth.

    So go ahead and vote, or don't vote...but I for one like the feeling of voting simply because it gives me a reason to angrily complain to my local senators and newspapers (not that I >HAVE<, mind you...I'm just tryin' to get by on a day-to-day level, but I used to back in CA!). "I voted, and my voice was heard - I pay your salary, and this is how it's gonna go! I also have this many of your constituents who believe the same, and we ARE the majority, we ARE loud, and you ARE going to do this/vote this way!"

    God I miss those days.

  3. I've always been an independent. If you ask me, voting for one or the other is like being asked, "Hey, You wanna live right? Would you like to live by being drowned or set on fire?"

  4. One solution is to have Runoff elections, which would lead to more parties and better candidates to choose from.

    Ill post a video about how it works later.

    We should also fight corruption, for example, lobbying is a tool for corruption. Its used by big business to buy votes, and its the most disgusting act to have in a democracy.

  5. you should do as you like. i'm with red though we should fight corruption at all levels.

  6. Maybe this will change in future