Friday, June 24, 2011

Palestine and the Catostrophe.

The Catostrophe (al Nakba) part1
The Catostrophe (al Nakba) part2

These video's are from alJazeera, and are on YouTube, they are about how Palestine was stolen from my people and given to the European Jews. I did not know how much the British did to hurt my people. They disarmed Palestinians, while simultaneously arming the Zionist Jews. Palestine was a land of Muslims and Christians before the Jews came and decimated us with the help of the British army's.

Just to give you a clue, the british controlled the surrounding arab armies, and they gave the Jew's a complete military and trained them extensively and even gave them an air force. This is why the Jews were able to steal all the land in 1948. Palestinians had 95% of the land before that, and we lost it all.

For those who watch these lengthy documentary's, thank you. If you can't watch it please find out more through reading if you can.


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  1. wow. that's horrible, but it's all history...