Friday, June 17, 2011

Empty Week.

I cannot describe the relief I feel at this moment, as the medicine shoots through my body I know I will soon be asleep and I hope it a good night.

Toothache of a lifetime and I hope to never have such pain, and work was just miserable, but thank god I work so fast and efficiently that even though I was less than par this week my boss never questioned me.

But at least this made me laugh.

"You are useress to me arec bardwin"

classy guy all the way!!!


  1. Hahaha, he was a funnier guy that I thought he would be. I love that movie too and I always wondered what he thought about himself in that movie. Good to know he can take a joke.

  2. They towed my car! Ahahaha. Alec Baldwin is a funny man.

  3. Did u see a doctor about that ache?

  4. @Athanasian COmplexio - My thoughts exactly!

    @M Fawful - He did Tracy Morgan's voice so spot on too lol!

    @Smile - Yeah I'm taking painkillers and some anti-biotics, but i got an appointment Tuesday, its crazy cause i thought the pain was over but then yesterday it flared up out of no where!