Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Report: Turkey tells West it might launch offensive against Syria

Report: Turkey tells West it might launch offensive against Syria

When they said that world war 3 would result from these protests, i laughed, but as we get closer to the final battle I fear my hubris got the best of me.

It's sad that we can see such things forming, like clouds from afar. Its going to be a lot of pain and suffering, and many will lose their lives.

Maybe we could stop it if we could rise against the powers that be, but that would take protests that could actually change things in America peacefully.

or maybe we just watch the world burn, maybe we were just being conditioned, with all the talk of 2012, and people claiming the end of days, and even the number of fronts that are at war currently.

The only reason why its not a world war is because no one looks at South America or Africa as part of the world, they ignore that these places are often war-torn. Either from drugs, diamonds or poppy the world is constantly at war, and now we see tensions rising like we never did before.

The whole middle east, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia(yes china and japan, North and South Korea), and South America are either on the brink of war, or currently engaged in it.

Consider this, if we have war on all continents(excluding the obviously uninhabited) then aren't we in a world war? or are we waiting for the final collapse, when the east says, we will not except dollars backed by nothing, and will only take Currency backed by metals, such as gold and silver.

With great information comes great responsibility, and its up to us to brain storm and think, and figure out what we can do, if we can do anything. You don't have to be a super hero, just someone willing to take a good hour a day to figure life's questions.

We need to consider one last thing, what do all humans have in common, what is our goal ultimately.


  1. All posturing - they aren't doing anything.

  2. Idk, seems kind of far fetched. I hope this doesn't become anything big!