Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Work was hilarious today! The boss calls everyone for a meeting, and so the file room which I work in must participate... lol free time!!!

So i pulled a chair and dosed off while they spoke about supervisor stuff... those are people in charge of home care aids... nothing to do with me, basic really.

Later on that same day we get called in to her office(very informal lol) they wanted to tell us what this one lady was saying about us. She said to our superviser that she and her staff smelled, which is the file room... lol

More time wasted and more hilarious drama, because she obviously wasn't targeting us... it was just some random BS but still I found it funny and hilarious that they would waste company time... twice in one day!

But still its a nice place to work, and the informality makes it bearable to work in the so called smelly file room area! 3/10 people didn't care, the rest brought the BS to their desks and continued to fret, saying that they didn't smell and that the person who claimed they smelled was in fact the Odorous one!

Good times!


  1. What kind of work do you do?

  2. Fun times haha, I think I've made one "mandatory" meeting in the last few years since started working where I do

  3. My boss creeps me out, damn

  4. conference room 5 minutes. haha, bosses tryin to justify their existence. i would say 54% of them could go away and the job would get done. 24% leaving would actually increase the production.

    by the way - post the music