Monday, June 20, 2011

Im sick of the Occupation. "63 years of nakba"


  1. This video really speaks the truth. Keep it up man!

  2. Great vid man, away with the occupation!

  3. Y'know, I normally don't give a crap about other countries. I don't mean this in the generalized sense of "AMURIKKAAAAAA" and what-not, only in that right now we NEED to focus more on our own screwed up position, let alone anyone else's.

    I'm not gonna argue whether or not our founding fathers were right or for what reasons they rose up and told England off. I WOULD like to point out that there is such a thing as "Slaves Rights," and the inherent right of a people to rise up to destroy and oust their oppressors.

    63 years is a long time, true. But here's a rule that everyone's forgetting in this era of "Someone's gonna bail me out!": ain't no one gonna help you.

    You are alone in this world, and it's up to you to provide for you.

    Now, I know some people would argue against that, but it's true: whether you're a husband, a wife, a child, eventually you are going to have to figure out your own place in life, in this world. Waiting for someone to help you won't allow you to do that, plus it only makes matters worse.

    So yes, I feel for the Palestinians. I also feel that so long as they keep BRINGING UP terrorism to begin with, they're never gonna be able to clean that stigma off of their public identity.

    Don't look at me like that, it's true. If they can understand modern day technology, concepts and how to use internets properly, then they should understand that currently the Israelis apparently have better PR people then they do and should seek to step their own game up in order to deal with this situation...

    Or overthrow their oppressors. Either brutality or subtlety, you can't overthrow a corrupt government/occupational force of ANY kind with something in the middle.

  4. ^ could not have said it better myself.

  5. @That Bastard from Bellingham - As a Palestinian I can personally tell you that we know what were up against. Israel owns America, every politician must bow before AIPAC in the USA. America gives Israel state of the art weapons and technology, and some Nukes apparently.

    So when you tell us not to ask for help you must realize that we have tried violent resistance, peaceful resistance, and negotiations, and neither work, because Israel is given the money to rebuild, reinforce, and redouble its strength every time.

    We need help just as they needed it when they first came from Europe and took our lands in what lead to the Nakba* of 1948.

    and one more thing, the terrorism the video mentions,is the stereotypical viewpoints Americans get from the Media, we don't reinforce it.


    @everyone - thanks for your posts guys, I can't wait to see your blogs soon!