Sunday, July 3, 2011

Busy weekend!

Amazing weekend so far. Went bowling yesterday to celebrate a friends birthday, got to play some Pool as well, then we went to see transformers.

 The bowling was fun and also playing some Billiards was nice since its been a while.

Transformers was so cheesy, and I think without Shia is would be a good movie, also I must admit the writing was terrible. But i wont go into detail, to avoid spoiling it.

Finished the night with some white castle, was a good day all in all.

Sorry that i haven't been posting much, its just been hectic, and not to mention busy as hell. Going to the taste today hopefully.


  1. I thought the writing would be bad in the new Transformers film, considering the last one, guess I'll avoid it.

  2. I hate bowling but love playing some Billiards...I'm not really that good at either though haha.

    The third Transformers wasn't good? I was thinking about catching it, but I've heard mixed things from people.