Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy weekends, make for the best weekends! Part 2 Sunday!

This post is shorter but was in fact very fun, and I might say one of the best times I've had with family in a while.

We went to Indiana with our other close relatives and went to a beach called Kemil Beach. It was amazing and it was fun. I went into the water for about 30 minutes and enjoyed that enough for this old body, and yeah I'm only 23 but I'm an old soul lol.(more like lazy... ahaha)

Then I got out of the water for some nice barbacue and conversations but ultimately to enjoy the outdoors.

Interesting side story: I had to find parking and the closest was about a mile away so I parked and started walking when suddenly my dad appeared, also looking for parking. Now I had walked for about half a mile and was jamming to my cellphone's mp3 player and was enjoying my self, but I'm glad I got picked up, because who knows what could have happened lol. It was nothing but forest and a single road with no people in sight. Crazy now that I think about it...

So anyway back to the main story: So as I'm sitting there talking to my uncles as they smoked hookah, (cause were arabic and this is some high class stuff.) which was mostly apple tobacco I think, and we talked about the usual stuff and I realized how much I had been away from my relatives and it was kind of disappointing that I didn't know my aunt went back over sea's, but at least she'll be back since its just a visit.

The highlight was when there was a double's tournament of Badminton. Which is like tennis but with a smaller target and rackets. It went on for one hour and everyone enjoyed themselves, and it was a great way to end the day!

All in all I loved this weekend and I know I'm gonna be sore as hell at work tomorrow.

And as a last note, since I'm going to sleep here is some funny underwear that the Japanese have designed, and it might not be a bad idea but might need to be made much larger for us non-Asian user's. It takes the best of both worlds: Free-balling, and support of one's junk. LOL enjoy.


  1. Wow those undies are very strange indeed.
    Would like to see a pair like you said larger for non Asian users.
    Would definitely be something different!

  2. Interesting underwear indeed. Might be difficult untangling the hose, so to speak, if you have to pee in a hurry.

  3. I laughed at the underwear lol, +followed

  4. For those who somehow made it through high school without playing badminton, It can be a really good workout when you play it right.
    The underwear was pretty awesome, lol. I haven't seen a funny product form Japan in a while now.

  5. HAhaha, very creative and intriguing post! Keep me updated.


  6. I lol'd at those panties

  7. Oh lord that underwear... leave it to Japan to even make underwear weird.