Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy weekends, make for the best weekends! Part 1 Saturday!

Wow, yesterday I went bowling, with my own ball and shoes, thanks to Andy's Proshop, which was nice enough to talk to us about bowling, and teach me and a friend a couple things. Spent about $135 for a ball, shoes, and bag. Played four games and was utterly terrible... lol i'll get better once my thumb callus hardens lol.

Also ate at my favorite IHOP, couldn't help it needed some breakfast in the afternoon! Steak Omelet with some pancakes and hash browns, plus turkey bacon...

Oh then we went to a comic book shop, and to my surprise there was a copy of the Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Volume:2(long name sorry). I was so excited to find the Trade paper back and then I asked my friend to hold it for me, which for some reason I forgot to take back at the end of the night. Foiled again..

And the that Saturday night we went to see Horrible bosses. Which was so much funnier than you would expect, and I was thoroughly pleased with the ending! Please watch this movie!!

Then we drove to Downtown Chicago from Orland Park, just for some night cruising.

More about the weekend in part 2

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