Sunday, July 3, 2011

Commentary, following the new changes over at reddit.

 What follows is a copy of what I posted to a discussion on Reddit, about censor ship via Zionism.

"The thing about Zionism is that it is one of those words that can mean a lot and mean nothing at all. The issue is that they try to make the word sound harmless, even though they cause great harm, and they throw the word antisemitism around to help shut up those who disagree.

As you have noted, many who have commented here are basically doing the work of the Hasbara, and they assume that lies can influence all people. While it may be true that you can fool some of the people most of the time, you cannot fool all of the people.

How interesting that as I write this the day has become the Fourth of July when America gained it Independence and now has in fact become dependent on foreign aid, and has been possessed by those who deal with finance and Usury. It will one day become free again, and in the middle east there maybe yet again hope for freedom once the Israeli dominated west has awoken with the knowledge, that all is not well in Israel, and all is not well at home. For as we speak, there is now a formation of Unity amongst the Dispossessed, and we all have grown to hate the tyrants, and wish to be as free as we once believed we were.

Take heart, those of you who still wield the pen, we may not come to blows just yet, let us hope that those who are wicked can be toppled with words, and if not let us hope that we can awaken from our slumber and let all who remain free in their minds become free in all manners of life.

When I think of what they did to Palestine, how they used the British to disarm us while they were being trained; how they came en mass from Europe to dominate the holiest lands of the middle east and massacred 500 villages, this is when I realize that the enemy does not carry his soul, he in fact chooses to possess a Hate so evil that he would do worse than was done to those that came before him in Europe.

Of course they wish to censor the internet, as they did with the Television, the Radio, and the Newspaper. Only a blind man would underestimate them."