Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ok time for some non-spoiler talk of comics!

I've been reading a few comics that have been very well written and in fact I am getting more into comics everyday.

First off Flashpoint: Me and my friend have started this one together and find it really interesting, without giving away too much, The Flash has gone into a Different dimension and is trying to get back to his. Its really good and the the results of his accidental leap are providing a great story line.

Secondly Fear Itself: This is from the Marvel Universe and has also been done well, and without giving away too much, it has to do with an ancient evil that awakens and commands hammer's similar to the ones the asgasrdians use, and has the power to enslave some of earths strongest. The series leads to a lot of conflict war and amazing material. You will not be disappointed with this story. Some of the Main characters are Tony Stark as Iron man, Captain America, Thor, and the Red Skulls Daughter: Sin.

Also I've picked up Venom#1 which deals with a soldier who controls the venom suit for 48 hours at a time, and also Shadowland Powerman, mostly because my friend is into the Ironfist, but I don't think Ill pick that up again.

Venom is ok, but I can't wait for Carnage!

Hope you enjoyed this post, which is also a change of pace, since it about comics and not about the political landscape of America. More on that later though!

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