Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The fourth.

I Celebrated the fourth by thinking about what this country was founded on, and how it has been robbed of its foundation. Freedom.

I watched 1984 in honor of the day, and watching that movie made me think of the parallels of thought crimes, and big brother, and how today more than ever we are plugged in and manipulated and do not perceive the manipulation.

I studied music theory, as well, and tried to learn how to play more than just power chords on my guitar(granted they are the most fun lol).

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and I'm glad mine was so great, hell i even watched pirates of the Caribbean 4 on Sunday again but this time with my little brother.

Good times.


  1. did you enjoy pirates 4? i thought it was alright.

  2. I loved pirates 4, but i must admit, i just loved the whole series(fanboy style) lol

  3. 1984 is a great flick. look forward to more...